Retire Coin White Paper

Main Goal

The small cap crypto space has exploded over Q1 and Q2 2021, with new tokens being launched every week. While some projects were innovative, unique and cutting edge, a majority of them turned out to be scams with a short shelf life.

We launched Retire Coin to be a shining star in this small cap space by creating a coin with a utility of financial education. In our day jobs we did this line of work and now with Retire Coin, we have the ability to scale our knowledge and services in an interesting and financially beneficial way. $RETIRE is striving to be the go-to source for Decentralized Financial Applications (Dapps).

The FinTech Revolution

While $RETIRE remains focused on providing educational resources, financial tools & reliable tax strategy, we are heavily involved in the Financial Services, Tax & Lending, Insurance, Real Estate, Blockchain and Personal Finance industries. When an individual has these areas covered in their financial house, they have a higher chance of accumulating, retaining and transferring wealth in their lifetime.

The foundation of this financial house starts through proper tax planning. At Retire Coin we will provide you with the education and resources to gain more control over your financial future . More importantly, introduce you to the latest Dapp technology and how it can make the financial building process more streamlined.

What Problem Are We Solving?

The benefit from holding Retire Coin is two fold. Not only are you making positive financial decisions for yourself and your family, but get rewarded with Retire Coin throughout that process. 

We can help our community members with a variety of financial tasks that include:

  • Crypto Taxes
  • Setting up Crypto Retirement IRAs
  • Financial Education on a variety of topics

By utilizing our services, we not only reward you with coins, but take a portion of our revenue and lock it into the coin. By holding Retire Coin for the long run there are multiple streams of revenue. We have a redistribution fee for every transaction, reinvested profit for each sale, and a Retire fund that pays out any coin holder for working with us.

It’s pretty simple. The more taxes, retirement plans and financial education courses that are circulated through Retire Coin, the more money gets reinvested to the project.

We are changing the game, that you actually benefit in multiple ways to do something positive for your financial self.

Financial Literacy remains a huge problem in today’s society. We are seeing this issue for ALL age groups, not just younger generations. To make things even worse, it has become increasingly more difficult to get ahead. As a result #RETIRE was created to address critical gateways in education & empowerment.

The long term solution begins with education and we have made it our lifelong mission to empower our community through the content and services we provide on a daily basis.

Token Information

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) 

Ticker: RETIRE

Contract Address: 0x6cf73dd2f4482490926e78ea636fca2d73495feb

Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 RETIRE

Total Fee: 15%

Automatic Liquidity Pool

Retire Coin employs an automatic liquidity pool algorithm in its token contract. The network collects 2% from each transaction, whether the order is a buy or sell it adds the 5% transaction fee to the Liquidity Pool. The intended goal is to minimize price movements from holders who decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an automatic liquidity pool system, leads to a reduction in significant price fluctuations.

Redistribution Fee

10% of this fee is returned proportionally to all existing holders by reflection mechanism thus generating passive income and rewarding holders for holding.


The liquidity pool tokens for Retire Coin are permanently locked in the zero-address, meaning that the developers cannot pull the rug on the market, and the PancakeSwap market will always have liquidity on it. Here is the transaction of the liquidity pool burn:

Community Rewards

The design of our coin resembles more than a picture. It consists of four quadrants with our goals for retirement in mind. Being Retired can happen at any age and looks different for everyone so our reward system is designed to make these goals a reality. Rewards will work on thresholds markers and will be voted on through our community and governing board.